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Guided Tour Workshop Garber Vondal © Photo: Ludwig Schedl, 2017

Guided Tour Workshop Garber Vondal © Photo: Ludwig Schedl, 2017

Information and Registration

Dr. Maria Parucki
Tel.: +43-2243-87 087 383
Mobile: +43-664-604 99 383


Guided Tour, 75 min.
€ 45,- flat rate for groups plus admission
Reduction for Universities and Academies: € 30,- flat rate plus admission
max. 25 participants/ group

Workshop, 120 min
€ 50,- flat rate for groups plus admissionmax. 25 participants/ group

Personally tailored workshops and tours

We begin with a tour through the current exhibitions and visit stations outside the museum like villa gugging, the tiled wall designed by August Walla, and walk around the House of Artists with its façade fashioned by the Gugging Artists. Inspired by the creative work of the Gugging Artists, we invite you to live out your own artistic talents and personal creativity.


You can book following programmes:

Guided Tour Get to know gugging.!

A guided tour for all visitors interested in an in depth examination of the works by Gugging Artists.

Guided Tour through the special exhibition

existence.! humans in the jean-claude volot collection


The workshops add a creative part to the topics of the guided tours.

Special: Guided Tour Walla Room

Guided Tours and workshops in different languages

We offer guided tours and workshops in German, English, French and Polish.


Further Programmes

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