Karl Vondal, Frau, 2002 (Detail) © Privatstiftung - Künstler aus Gugging, ©

karl vondal.! erotic

Opening: 06. September 2017, 07:00 pm
Period: 07. September 2017 - 07. January 2018

In contrast to the subtle lines in Vondal’s drawings, his approach to the subject of eros is very direct. His favourite motive is a couple making love, which the artist shows in all its clarity. This direct representation is coupled with the impressive, often sensitive texts that the artist writes on the drawing. Complete short stories fill the glued together sheets of paper, which can take on a size
of several metres. Folded into rolls, bent and torn, Vondal often transports his works from the House of Artists to the studio building and back in all weathers. This history of production can be seen on the works and belongs to the creative act.

Karl Vondal has lived in the House of Artists in Gugging for more than a decade; his works are presented internationally and enrich many collections.

The workshop opening takes place on July 19 while the general opening of the
exhibition is celebrated together with Johann Garber’s birthday on September 6,