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johann garber.! tinkerer and master painter

Opening: 06. September 2017, 07:00 pm
Period: 07. September 2017 - 07. January 2018

Johann Garber has belonged to the Gugging Artists for four decades now. He has made a name for himself as an illustrator but also for “colouring” readymades. His oversized ear sculpture in front of the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna is but one of his works that has become a tourist attraction. He also painted large parts of the House of Artists in Gugging with his garish colours – one of the most famous façades in the world of Art Brut. In contrast to these large-scale multicoloured works Garber also produces meticulously detailed, fine ink drawings. Besides the urban and rural landscapes as main motives, they are always crowded with many – often naked – people and animals. Garber also loves to craft countless objects, to tinker, as he calls it, and to install them outdoors or in his salon at museum gugging.

His works are exhibited in museums and galleries across Europe, USA, and Japan; all of Austria’s public and renowned private collections possess works by the artist.

Johann Garber’s workshop will open on July 19 while the opening of the exhibition will be celebrated together with Garber’s birthday on September 6, 2017.

Workshop opening: 19 July 2017