Rudolf Horacek, Rudolf Horacek in Mannswörth, 1983

museum gugging

Conceived of as an exhibition site for the art form Art Brut, museum gugging displays the works of the Gugging artists at their place of origin and at the same time functions as a forum for international Art Brut as well as contemporary art in general. French painter Jean Dubuffet, who coined the term Art Brut, meant by it "sophisticated, raw, original art" of a highly personal and unadapted form of expression. Uninhibited by trends in established art, Art Brut is created by artists without any background in academics or art theory.

The museum's standing exhibition displays master pieces from the Private Foundation - Gugging Artists on an area of 840 sq yd. The exhibitions about the art from Gugging, from 1960 to the present, include important works and offer a comprehensive overview of the history and presence or artistic activity in Gugging. The second half of the museum is a venue for changing exhibitions. Works by international Art Brut artists are prevalent here next to art from Gugging. Furthermore, other artistic positions enter into dialogue with Art Brut.