johann feilacher, maria höger (ed.)
philipp schöpke

editors: Johann Feilacher, Maria Höger: philipp schöpke, bound, 190 images in black/white and colour, 176 pages, 253 x 300 mm, , ISBN-978-3-7017-3481-8 German-English, publisher: Residenz, Vienna-Salzburg, 2018, € 24,90.


nina ansperger, johann feilacher (ed.)
brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present

Ed. Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher: brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present, publisher: Residenz, Vienna-Salzburg 2018, 386 pages, with numerous illustrations, € 35,00,-


nina ansperger, johann feilacher, maria höger (ed.)
johann garber.! tinkerer and master artist and karl vondal.! erotics

With contributing texts to the works of gugging artists Johann Garber and Karl Vondal.

Ed. by Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Maria Höger: Johann Garber - Karl Vondal, publisher: Residenz, Vienna-Salzburg 2017,
174 pages, hardcover, with numerous illustrations, € 22,-

johann hauser...the artist am I book+schuber

johann feilacher (ed.)
johann hauser ... the artist am I!

editor: Johann Feilacher: johann hauser ... the artist am I! (250 Ex.), 516 pages, hardcover, 584 images, Residenz, Vienna-Salzburg 2016.

artist guestbook

johann feilacher (ed.)

with many images; 152 pages, format 325x410, cloth binding, €34,90, ISBN: 9783701733613

master works

johann feilacher (ed.)
gugging masterpieces.!
100 masterpieces in one book

400 pages, format 240x300 paper back, € 19,90, ISBN: 9783701733347
Hardcover (sold out!) € 39,90, ISBN 978-3-7017-3337-8

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